Canister Sampler

    Contains 16 sampling positions for 16 L canisters,
     but 4  of them with special design can switch to 
     connect with 15L.

Can use GC directly to set the injection position
  and  injection analysis program.

electronic temperature display,Sampling tank can
  control the sampling temperature range 80~100°C;
  if higher than 140°C, automatic power-off protection
  device will be enabled.

 Triangle support frame design for good mobility.

The injection line is PFA and with the high temperature
  to remove the residual.

Anti- dust cover at the end of the pipeline to avoid


Applicable 6L canisters 16/ea or 15L canisters 4/ea
Vacuum 250 L/min,Vacuum< 30x10-3 Torr
Sampling loop Inert tube,TVOC <0.5 ppbv
Temperature control PID temperature controller
Utility gas N2
Utility power 1 Phase 110 V,10 A,50~60 Hz 
Size / Weight H1500 mm x D1000 mm ; 200 kg
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