Canister Cleaner

NFC-T08 is a Canister automated cleaning
   device for VOCs trace contaminants analysis,
   which US EPA method cleaning requirements.
To add humidified nitrogen and fast vacuum
   under constant temperature conditions.
Automation optimal washing program、
  One Touch Start Simple operation interface,
  quick setting and cleaning efficiency ,up to
  TVOC < 0.5 ppbv


Applicable 6L canisters 8/ea or 15L canisters 2/ea
Vacuum pumping speed 250 L/min,Vacuum< 30x10-3 Torr
Cleaning function 1. Wet cleaning program
2. Nitrogen dry mode
Efficiency TVOC < 0.5 ppbv
Utility gas N2
Utility power 1 Phase 220 V,20 A,50~60 Hz 
Size / Weight 925 mm X  710 mm X  1750 mm ; 250 kg
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