Customization of mixed standards
Provide COA to customer for quality assurance
NF is your best supplier with multi-residue pesticide analysis.
More than 573 pesticide standards
Produced under strict quality control, storage environment below -65 °C and safety transportation

* We extensively studied these 573 compounds involved, and then grouped them into as few mixes as possible while still ensuring maximum long-term stability and reliability. For quantitative analysis, we recommend analyzing each mix separately to ensure accurate results for every compound

    A single standard: package size is 1000μg/mL, 500 uL / ea ,
    Small package of pharmaceuticals can reduce purchase times、quantity and lower disposal costs
    Mixed standard customization- 10 μg/mL or 100 μg/mL. To provide best grouping to meet customer needs when they
       apply for certification
    Method of Test For Pesticide Residues in Foods-Multi-residue Analysis (5) (MOHWP0055.04)-(380 items) Multi-residue Pesticide
       Kit (Taiwan Food and Drug Administration)