AMC Lab Intelligent System

Intelligent、automatic and easy use for lab operator to monitor Fab Air quality determination


Easy use design for AMC/VOCs testing lab routine operation
Canister can be installed with maxmium16 6L or 12 6L with 2 15L canister

High injection efficiency with zero-dead volume inert sampling flow path

Contamination free design with auto-purge recipe for high concentration sample

Defined more than 200 kinds of low to high b.p. volatile organics

Integrated analysis process with optimized detection recipe
ISTD and STD correction system (STD & ISTD gas)

Smart interlock function, single point or matrix interlock

Control and database system

 User friendly remote assistance design
Database library and reporting system


Measuring species

TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound)、IPA、Acetone、Heptafluorobutyric anhydride 、2-Butanone 

NF provides professional for customized services on different samples

Accuracy R value >0.995 ; QC sample recovery rate ±20%,Systematic Quantitation Correction Module
Detection limit       < 50 pptv
Stability RSD <15 % (at. 0.06 ppb,37 VOCs compound of calibration standard )
Utility gas Nitrogen、Helium、CDA
Utility power 3 Phase 220 V,30 A,50~60 Hz
Dimension 1985 mm X 1070 mm X 1600 mm /550 kg
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