On-line MA/MB Contaminants Monitoring Equipment          

Real-time detection of MA/MB contaminants used in semiconductor process environments for Fab air quality monitoring. Intelligent system introduces Fab air into the anion/cation free sampling module (Impinger) to concentrate trace MA/MB and detected by integrated ion chromatograph technology. 
Stationary type MA / MB Contaminants online monitoring equipment
Max. sample port : 100-port for Fab air online sampling. 2 manual port for offline sampling and matching analysis

Typical detection are can reach radius of 150 m and area of 70,650 m2, (option for 200 m above)

Automatic Elution preparation module to save time and avoid operator issue

Auto-STD Correction System, include multi-ion STD solution with COA

Integrated auto-cleaning、sampling、concentrate process and optimized detection recipe to NF-HMI easy operation

User friendly remote assistance design

Database library and reporting system

Application In Semiconductor process for environment/ air monitoring、product quality control、water quality control、 ….. etc.
Measuring ion MA/ Anion  : F -、Cl - 、Br - 、NO 2- 、NO3 - 、PO4 3- 、SO4 2- 、COOH-、CH3COO-… 等
MB/ Cation : NH4+、Na+ 、Mg2+ 、Ca2+、K + …… etc.
Total Acid  : HCl、HBr、HF、H2SO4 (H2S、SOX)、H3PO4、HNO3、HNO2、CH2O2及CH3COOH,
Total basic  : NHx
Accuracy R value >0.995 ; QC sample recovery rate ±20%
Stability RSD < 15 % (2.5 ppb Multi-ion mixed standard solution 2.5 ppb in UPW)
Recovery Recovery rate 100 ±20 % 
Utility chemicals Anion/Cation Elution、Suppressor reagent
Utility gas N2、CDA
Utility power 1 Phase 220 V,20 A,50~60 Hz 
Size / Weight 1507 mm X 973 mm X  2210 mm ; 500 kg
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