On-line Trace Element Analysis Equipment            

On-line trace elements monitoring for semiconductor grade chemicals with ICPQQQ detector
Well-conditioned PFA sampling module with maximum 20-port for on-line chemical sampling and 2 manual sampling ports for system check or matching


Maximum 20-port with 2 manual port (Option for customized sampling port)
 Undiluted measurement for ultra-pure chemicals of 70% HNO3, 49% HF, 29% NH4OH, 31% H2O2, IPA, …etc.
Build-in safety interlock design for multi-chemicals switch
Exclusive multi-element NF-STD
ICPQQQ recipes certified by NF Lab with 1ppt analysis capability under TAF certification
Unique on-line auto-dilute module
Intelligent NF-HMI control interface
User friendly remote assistance design
AI lock spot and upload for OOC/OOS with auto-retained module (option)
Auto-upload to customer CIM system with customized report layout


Application 70% HNO3、49% HF、NH4F、BOE、98% H2SO4、29% NH4OH 、31% H2O2、IPA 、86% H3PO4、nBAC、TMHA、NMP、DMSO … etc. 
NF provides professional customized application based on unique process for different chemicals
Element >60 Elements
Accuracy R value >0.995 ; QC sample recovery rate ±20%
Detection limit < 0.5 ppt  (Reference attachment MDL table)
Stability RSD <10 % ( 5 ppt Multi-element mixed standard solution spike in 49% HF)
Recovery Recovery rate 100 ±30 %
(1 ppt Multi-element mixed standard solution spike in
49% HF / 9.6%H2SO4/31% H2O2)
Utility gas N2、He、CDA、Ar 、H2、O2、mixed gas (Ar/O2 ; depending on application situation)
Utility power 3 Phase 220 V,30 A,50~60 Hz 
Size / Weight 2320 mm X 1000 mm X  2256 mm ; 500 kg
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Advanced semiconductor industry of wafer foundry and memory manufacture
Electronic grade chemicals factory
NF total solution is verified by ppt level TAF-lab
One button operation