On-line AMC Monitoring Equipment

NFA-1007Ad -intelligent、automatic and online monitoring equipment for Fab Air quality determination

Stationary type VOCs online monitoring equipment
Max. sample port : 80-port for 24hrs full scan
Typical detection are can reach radius of 150 m and area of 70,650 m2, (option for 200 m above) If over 200 m, supplemented by a correction factor
Defined more than 200 kinds of low to high b.p. volatile organics
Integrated analysis process with optimized detection recipe
ISTD and STD Correction System (STD & ISTD gas)
Smart interlock function, single point or matrix interlock
Control and database system
User-friendly interface and remote control
Database library and reporting system

Measuring species TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compound)、IPA、Acetone、Heptafluorobutyric anhydride 、2-Butanone …etc
Accuracy R value >0.995 ; QC sample recovery rate ±20%,Systematic Quantitation Correction Module
Detection limit < 50 pptv
Stability RSD <10 % (at. 0.06 ppb,37 VOCs compound of calibration standard )
Utility gas Nitrogen、Helium
Utility power 3 Phase 220 V,30 A,50~60 Hz 
Size / Weight 1352 mm X 1080 mm X  2200 mm ; 500 kg