New Fast Technology Co., Ltd.
Our aim is to provide AI automation equipment design, production and application for trace-contamination monitoring. Unmanned will be trend of future and we hope to be key player for unmanned lab of next generation and provide customer more useful tool and satisfied experimental experience. Wherever you are in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on our expert team to provide customized solutions to make your each step and processes to go faster, simpler and more efficient.
Our technological development of micro-contamination monitoring is based on the testing theory and methods of traditional laboratories. Therefore, our testing data can be matched with data from laboratories and provide our customers accurate, trustable analysis base. Our lab owns excellent detection capability and get certifications by TAF to approve our capability for Trace Metal Impurity Analysis and Nano Particle Analysis. Therefore, lab service for organic or inorganic analysis is also our key service for our customers when they are suffering experimental problems, difference analysis, what will be out root causes and so on.
With solid lab testing capability, we can enlarge our business more widely and design more professional and user-friendly equipment to come up customized solution and meet customers 'demands.
Are you facing the problems in your daily job ? Like VOC、Cation、Anion、Micro-contamination of wafer surface, product failure analysis, differential comparison, on-time automation environmental monitoring, analytical and experimental technical consultation and so on.
If you are facing these related challenges and also any issues about online VOC monitoring system, trace metal contamination monitoring, lab testing service and Ultra-Pure Chemical, welcome to contact us at any time.

New Fast Technology is ready to be mutual development and to have a glorious future together with you.